Wednesday, October 29, 2008


When i was little it amazed me to no end how cool grown ups where. The chain coming off on my bicycle or understanding how the "tricky" parts fit together on my model airplane, my dad was there with a quick fix or an explanation. I always wondered when i was going to be blessed with this gift. Eight years ago when my daughter was born i was scared to death, seems i was now a dad and i didn't have any idea on how to be a parent. My daughter was born at 8:04 pm August 21st 2000. The next morning the hospital called me at home and asked me to return to the hospital. My wife was having complications with her c-section wounds and they wanted me to be there to feed Becky. I sat in the room alone with my newly born daughter in my arms and my heart was busting with pride, but that didn't last long. when i picked up the bottle to feed her it squirted formula in her eyes. My pride turned to panic when i realized i was screwing up the most simplest acts of parenting. After about two minutes my face was as wet as Becky's, i could not believe i was crying...i never cry...but i was. The nurse came in and made a reference to me being a rookie and took her away. Now what kind of start was i off to? Was i going to be an idiot father? Hell No!!! i made a vow to become super dad right then and there. The years went by and i became a pro, and when a problem came up i thought back to how my dad or some other adult solved the dilemma and applied that course of action.
The other day Becky came to me and needed help with one of her toys. I fixed it and handed it back to her with a pat on her head. She looked at me and said "Dad, you can fix anything can't you?" That's when it hit me. we never really "grow up", we just get older. Wisdom from our experiences replace our parents as we become parents ourselves. I looked my daughter in the eye and said "Yes Becky, I can fix anything"

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Cynthia said...

That was a very touching story. I know that you are a great dad. But didn't I have some input in that. I could fix some things. LOL. But you were an awesome kid. You asked me if you could earn 50 cents to buy something at a yard sale. I thought it was for some toy and you came home with me some earrings. I cried and you thought I didn't like them but it was just that I was so touched and proud of you. The first joke you told me was, "ask me if I'd like to join you in a cup of coffee" and when I did, you responded, "Do you think we'll both fit?" LOL. You would ask me to "count how fast you could run from here to there." You were always running when you were little. Never mind that you were diving off the diving board in the deep end by the time you were 1 year old. You could swim better than I could. Yes, you were an awesome kid and now an awesome adult. A son that calls his mother often just to talk and you don't know how much that means to me. I love you John.